Textra Illustrator
Arabic lessons for Illustrator 10 and 9

SoftSkill Textra for Adobe Illustrator is the easiest and fastest way to typeset Arabic text directly within Adobe Illustrator 10 without having to upgrade or purchase a special version. Type edit, and design Arabic within Illustrator just like with Roman text..

Textra Text Tool
Textra adds a new tool to the Illustrator Toolbar for inputting Arabic text. Draw text boxes, type within shapes or type on paths just as easily as with Roman text.

Efficient, simple solution
As a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, Textra doesn't slow down Illustrator's performace or increase its load time. Unlike most Arabic solutions, Textra is fast and responsive. And Textra works with your existing standard Illustrator 9 or 10 version so there's no need to upgrade or purchase a special version.

Beautiful type
With over 100 Arabworx Arabic fonts included, you'll find plenty for every message and mood.

Click here for a list of the SoftSkill Arabic fonts included with Textra AI.

With its import feature, Textra Illustrator can read text files in Mac OS classic, Unicode, and Windows Arabic formats. Save time and import legacy text files easily.

  • Direct editing of Arabic text in Adobe Illustrator text objects
  • Built for Mac OS X, compatible with Mac OS 9 - Special version available for Illustrator 9 on Mac OS 9 - (Contact us for more information)
  • Does not require Arabic OS or Arabic system fonts
  • Supports Illustrator 10 which is faster and more responsive than Illustrator CS
  • Does not require upgrade to special version of Illustrator
  • Carefully crafted fonts compatible with all of Illustrator's text features (Correct Arabic text wrapping, correct Arabic sorting, convertible to paths)
  • Easy script switching between Arabic and Roman with correct cursor positioning
  • Automatic script detection and keyboard switching using the current text selection
  • Import Arabic text from a variety of legacy encodings which are expanded every day via conversion plug-ins
  • Very low CPU overhead on Illustrator's performance for Arabic processing

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