Full Arabic and Roman word processing

The definitive Arabic/Roman word processor for Mac OS X.

Horuf is the long awaited Mac OS X Arabic word processing solution from Arabworx! Full Arabic and Roman word processing features with page layout features you'd never expect from a word processor make it the killer app for Arabic on Mac OS X.

Arabworx Type Engine
Using the Arabworx Text Engine, developed specifically for the Arabworx Office suite, Horuf offers the most advanced, compatible and reliable Arabic and mixed text processing of any Mac OS X application!

Largest selection of fonts
The Arabworx Type Engine (A.T.E.) means you can use your Mac OS Classic, OpenType, Windows, and Mac OS X Arabic fonts within Horuf and Arqam for the largest selection of fonts of any Arabic application!

Justify yourself
A.T.E. in Horuf includes justification of Arabic text using Kashida (extension of ligatures) for beautiful Arabic type. Alignment is dynamic and automatic and can be turned on or off.

Rulers and Tabs
All left-to-right and right-to-left rulers and tabs show correct position and alignment of your Arabic and Roman Text!

Columns galore
Horuf uses linked text boxes, so newsletters, multiple columns, multi-page articles and other advaned page layouts are fast and easy!

All of Mac OS X's existing Arabic problems solved
Because of Arabworx's Type Engine, existing problems in Mac OS X's Arabic system are a thing of the past. Currently OS X's Arabic support is limited to Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) fonts; using other fonts causes all kinds of problems (see picture), and there is only one Arabic font included using AAT. Pasting the text in Horuf renders the text properly and beautifully and works with almost any Arabic font.

Light, fast, and powerful
Horuf is written from the ground up for Mac OS X. Unlike other Arabic solutions which take forever to load, Horuf's load time takes only two dock bounces! The application is fast and responsive; you don't have to sacrifice speed for power with Horuf.

The most compatible
Import and export your Arabic text from Mac OS 9 (Classic), Unicode, Mac OS X and Windows formats assures easy archiving of your legacy text files.


  • Full-featured Arabic and Roman word processing application with page layout features: multiple columns and linked text boxes
  • Correct left-ro-right and right-to-left ruler and tab positioning
  • Import of Arabic Microsoft Word files
  • Works with Mac OS X, OpenType, Windows, and Mac OS Classic Arabic fonts
  • Integrated Arabic, English dictionary
  • XML Document format
  • Import of graphics files
  • Export Arabic text to JPEG format for compatible reading

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