The ultimate spreadsheet application for Arabic, Roman and mixed text!

The mutli-lingual Arabic spreadsheet application for Mac OS X.

Arqam is the ultimate spreadsheet application for Arabic, Roman and mixed text! Never have so many Arabic features been contained in one application. Arqam is built from the ground up for Arabic/Roman number crunching.

4, 4 or 4?
With Arqam, it doesn't matter! With full Unicode numeral support, all numbers are really created equal. Roman, Arabic, and Persian numerals can be used in the same spreadsheet and even formula, with results displayed in any format!

Arabworx Type Engine
Using the same advanced Arabworx Type Engine (A.T.E.) as in Horuf, Arqam offers the most advanced, compatible and reliable Arabic and mixed text processing of any Mac OS X spreadsheet application. Mac OS X's limited Arabic support is a thing of the past, and Mac OS 9 Classic, OpenType, Windows, and Mac OS X Arabic fonts all can be used with Arqam.

Light, fast, and powerful
Arqam, like Horuf, is written from the ground up for Mac OS X and for Roman-Arabic support. Arqam takes seconds to load, and is fast and responsive. And unlike other multilingual applications, Arabic is not a afterthought.

  • Full-featured multilingual spreadsheet application built for Arabic and Roman text
  • Support for Roman, Arabic, and Persian Unicode Numerals
  • Import of Arabic and Roman Microsoft Excel files
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, OpenType, Windows and Mac OS Classic Arabic fonts
  • XML document format
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