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SoftSkill demonstrates products at SIB 2004, Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia, December 5, 2004

The " Salon International de l'Informatique et de la Bureatique " or SIB, is Tunisia's largest convention for IT services and products. SoftSkill showcased its products at the booth of Medist, Tunisia's largest Apple dealer. Arabix Pro , TextraFreeHand and Illustrator , and the Office Suite (Horuf and Arqam ) all received great reviews from private and government visitors at SIB.

Apple users were excited about having a word processing solution for Mac OS X that is built specifically for bidirectional Arabic and Roman text, and were impressed by Horuf's support for OpenType, TrueType, OS 9 Classic, and Mac OS X Arabic fonts.

Visitors were also excited about Arabix Pro and its ability to enter text into Final Cut Pro, Quark Xpress, and almost any other application with Roman-only support, and its ability to re-edit pasted text with just one click.

The Textra plug-in for Macromedia FreeHand MX and Adobe Illustrator 9 and 10 was well-received for the ability to directly type Arabic right within the two leading design applications, and for Textra FreeHand's ability to justify Arabic text using Keshida (extension of ligatures).

And Tunis was a beautiful city with ancient Roman, Phoenician, and Islamic civilization and culture, and we look forward to coming back very soon!

SoftSkill Arabworx Suite now shipping!

December 1,2004
The SoftSkill Arabworx Suite, which contains Horuf, the definitive Arabic/Roman word processor for Mac OS X, and Arqam, the first Mac OS X spreadsheet to support full Unicode numbers, is shipping now. Regarded as the 'killer application' suite for Arabic Mac OS X users, the longawaited product suite finally lets users type Arabic without any of the quirks found in other applications' Arabic support. Horuf and Arqam use Arabworx's own Arabic Type Engine (ATE), supporting the largest variety of fonts on any platform: OpenType, TrueType, Windows, Mac OS 9 (Classic), and Mac OS X Arabic fonts are all supported.

Arabix Pro shipping January 15

Arabix Pro 1.5, the update to the essential Arabic solution for Mac OS X, will be shipping on January 15.

Arabix Pro lets you type and edit Arabic text into any Roman application on Mac OS X. The upgrade, free for existing users adds the ability to paste and re-edit Arabic text using existing Phoenix fonts, as well as the ability to save text as XML.

SoftSkill introduces new products at Gitex 2004

Dubai, UAE October 7, 2004

Gitex, the largest IT convention in the Middle East, showcased updates of Textra FreeHand and Illustrator and Arabix Pro, and previewed the Horuf and Arqam, the Arabworx Office Suite.

Visitors to Arab Business Machine's booth, the Independent Marketing Company (IMC) and exclusive distributor of Apple in the Middle East, found SoftSkill's killer Arabic applications indispensable for Arabic computing on Mac OS X.

Horuf and Arqam are the first applications on Mac OS X to support Windows, OpenType, TrueType, Mac OS 9 (Classic) and Mac OS X Arabic fonts, and have been written from the ground up with bidirectional Arabic/Roman text in mind. Both Horuf and Arqam use the Arabworx Type Engine (ATE) for compatibility with the largest selection of fonts on any platform and perfect Arabic/Roman typesetting.