SoftSkill Remove Activation's Guide

Why To Remove Activation key?!!

In order to get new Activation key for another computer, you must remove previous Activation key by using uninstall on product installer.
Activation key should be removed in the case you decide to move your Activation key to another computer.

Important: You do not remove your Activation key before you erase all files from disk, flash motherboard bios, format hard drive, install new OS or before doing any other operation. After that as soon as you reinstall your product and just get new valid Activation code.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Double-click the Product Installer icon.

  • Select "Uninstall" from Pop-Up menu.

  • Click on Uninstall button to remove your product activation key from your machin.

  • Accept Are you sure you want to `Remove` your...

  • Click on Copy Confirm button to copy confirm code to clipboard.

  • And click the Ok button

  • If active internet connection ...
    Connect to "" and Paste Your Confirm Code into *Data field and click on Remove activation button.

  • Now you can Install with this serial number, onto another machine!

If you were not able to remove your Activation key because of:
- The Produce With this SerialNumber did not install.
- Not valid removal code.
How to Get Activation Code?