Welcome to SoftSkill Activation center.

Some SoftSkill products need to be 'activated' for your machine in order to run.

To activate your product you should run the 'Setup Assistant' application that is installed along with your software on your hard drive.
During the setup process, the Setup Assistant application will create a data that uniquely identifies your machine. This data contains 'your serial number' and two encrypted strings named 'Registry' and 'Challenge'.

SoftSkill Activation Center uses that unique data and generate your 'activation (reply) code'. Then you copy the activation code and paste it into the Setup Assistant application to finish your activation process.(more help...)

There are two kinds of servers in SoftSkill Activation Center. Click on one of the buttons below to enter the server:

Email-based activation center
This is the on-line email-based server that gets your data and then send your activation code to your e-mail address.

How To Remove Activation key?